Tamer Advance guide
Time:11/5/2009 10:57:12 PM

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Hi everyone. sorry if my english is bad. Anyway i like to give some more help about tamer as some player didnt really know what best or something thats can help them on some part.

first i want to talk about tamer good part than the other. most player realize about this. but just want to tremind or for new tamer users. Well, from level 1 to 50 or 60, i recomend u not to use blue armor set or gear as its gona be useless. why? because its your pet who get damage not you. isnt it great? you just have to focus on your weapon only and ofcoz you will need blue weapon.

Weapon parts;

there are 2 type of weapon for each class. for tamer thats is bow and crossbow. which one is the best? well, i dont know. You make one. Bow are good on damaging and have skill reduce Defense and Attack of the mob. so its probably good for you against boss battle and for your pet. also bow have aoe that can damage 3 mob/monster at once. For crossbow, it have stun and poison buff attack, so its good for duel and war. so? what do you think the best? if you are a good and pro tamer player, i recomend use both of them ^^

Pet part;

as tamer, u gain advantage than the other class which is you can tame a monster. Many player though just tame the monster and thats its. well, if you think like that without knowing important part or you just tame the monster because its look cool. well many people did that and i also do that before hehe. anyway thats so wrong wrong wrong. why? actually there are 4 kind of monster that you have to know and this will afect you as you play. there are Attacker type,defender type,lure type and normal type.

Attacker type;
If you like ur pet to be strong on attacking and kill mob faster than attacker is your best choice. how to know its attacker type? well that simple, as you tame a monster to make it your pet, you will realize that the [et have speacial skill. if its increase damage than its attacker type. But i warn you, attacker type are only for mob attacker but not boss, you will have a hard time killing a boss as attacker type have low hp and def. ^^

Defender type;
well, this is the best type of pet that all tamer should have. with this type of pet, you can solo boss. well, as im a tamer, i solo boss level 57 while im level 55. isnt that cool? anyway, pet defender type have high hp and defense which really2 help you to solo boss as you can heal. its also can tank a cave scenario on certain level. i heard tamer can solo rc level 28 and yes, they really can.when im new and i use sin, i ask duel the tamer level 29 and im level 29 as well and i win. then i say "how can you solo RC if you cant even beat me". then that tamer say " its not me who tank the boss, its my pet". then we go inside rc only both of us and yes. he solo the last boss which make me jealous. So, all tamer try to us defender type. how to know if it defender type? same like i told you before look at the pet skill. if it a force skill that make mob to attack the pet, than thats it. thats defender type. take a note, this kind of pet have low attack.

Lure Type;
This one have high hp and def than attacker type but not as high as defender type and weak attack. for this type of pet, it have skill which increase speed. eh speed? why would pet have speed skill? my friend told me that this kind of [et is useless. but listen this, its really usefull. and its for bow user. well, even if you a bow user its useless if you dont have skill aoe and your not pro on using tamer. this lure type is use for fast leveling. as its a speed, use it to lure as many mob u can hold than use trap and aoe to kill a mob that you lure. as i say, its not easy and its for elite and pro tamer user. but take a note, its not good for tanking which mean not good to solo boss.

Normal type;
normal type dont have anything speacial. no skill. i mean its have a normal hp, def and attack. but atleast you can use this as a second pet tanket ^^

Advantage on duel and war for tamer;

On duel and war, tamer with crossbow are crazy. why? if you a tamer try to duel someone. before duel start.. like 3 second before duel start, your trap and pet can already attack!!!!!!!!! which already reduce your enemy and the one you duel hp before the duel even start. If your a pro, well, your gona become one of the craziest damager. your trap and the way you play gona make thing turn worst for your opponent. example, you put your trap on the area where your opponent will pas on it. with freeze trap you can freeze and stop the enemy movement and than with fire trap it will burn the enemy. if you use bow, than use aoe if it more than one enemy. but if you use crossbow, say goodbye to your enemy hahaha. why? you can make stun to your enemy and with poison buff, its gona be super damage to your opponent. but if your opponent are a crazy player, ateast you do some damage to them and never ever understimate your opponent.

Advantage for tamer;
1/ Its your pet that take damage so you dont really need to buy blue armor until you level 40 or 50. follow the time you want to use it.

2/ As a tamer, focus on int and c.strike. you dont need dodge and vitality. unless if you have other purpose or reason for it and if you use full purple set of loos, that much better hehehe.

3/ You need to focus on your weapon only for fast kill as you.

4/ You can escape from monster if you on danger. its simple sent your pet to attack the mob and jeng jeng run away.

5/ If your lagg, dont worry. Your pet will defense you from death. like when you are attack by a mob, and you lagg, your pet will be a hero.

6/ Your pet can help your team mate if they are in danger. such as your pet attack the mob that attack your friend, the mob will attack your pet. and ofcos u have to use hate increase skill to your pet.

7/ your pet intimity also will affect. 1 intimity take 1 hour. 3 intimity increase 1 damage abosrb to your pet and every 4 intimity increase pet damage.


1/ tamer have weak defense. so avoiding from damage are best thing you have to do.

2/ If your pet die, they will lose 1 intimity.

3/ the most worst thing about tamer is its only have a woman character hahahaha. xD

I hope this can help any new player or to any player to see and check if they are on best part or not. ^^