Join the player level-up competition to win your flame horse!

When event ends, all players of level 61 can get reward mount  Red Flame Horse (+0,bound)


Duration: new server releases - October 23th (to server maintenance)





Server Purple Cloud will enjoy a double drop rate boost for about 24 hours!  Seize the chance to level up and loot treasures!


200% Gold, 200% Energy
200% Golden item, 200% Blue item, 200% Green item


Duration: new server releases - 0:00, October 11th (Server Time)






Big sales discount also hits shop!


When new server releases, shop items are at a discount of about 50%!  It will last for 72 hours. Such a chance must not be missed!


Duration: new server releases - 0:00, October 12th (Server Time)





Let's sweep the caves! Team up with excellent mates to breakthrough scenario Bewitcher Cave / Spider Catacomb / Peacock River's Sorrow and win:

The 1st team of BC: Golden Weapon Talisman of lvl.40 (2 attrs, +0, bound) for each member

The 1st team of SC: Golden Weapon Talisman of lvl.50 (2 attrs, +0, bound) for each member

The 1st team of PRS: Ancient Phoenix Treasure Box x1(unbound) for each member

Post the screenshot here to join the event! The screenshot must contain all teammates’ icon and char name, and the drop of the last BOSS. It’s better contain a rumor.


Duration: new server releases – when the appointed scenario is broken through


It's time to Show union's power to enhance your guild right now!  All the top 6 guilds on ranking list will win Gem sets(,, , , ,lv6).  Even Alien Griffin,Brown Bear, and T-Points for guild leader!

Top 1 Guild: Gem set x 10, Leader: Alien Griffin (+0, bound)

Top 2 Guild: Gem set x 8, Leader: Brown Bear (+0, bound)

Top 3 Guild: Gem set x 5, Leader: 50 T-Points

Top 4 - 6 Guild: Gem set x 2

Duration: new server releases - November 6th (to server maintenance)


Fight, bros! Conquer the Phoenix City for the honor of guild!

The 1st conquer guild will win Gem sets(,, , , ,lvl.6) x 10,100 C-Points for each guild member (above lvl.30), mount Assualt Wild Boar (+0,bound) for guild leader


Duration: new server releases – the 1st City War winner born