Player level-up competition is ongoing!

When event ends, all players of level 60 can get reward mount  Red Flame Horse (+0,bound)


Duration: new server releases - 22:50, December 7 (Server Time)





Server Meteor's Secret will enjoy a double drop rate boost for about 24 hours!  Seize the chance to level up and loot treasures!


200% Gold, 200% Energy
200% Golden item, 200% Blue item, 200% Green item


Duration: new server releases - 00:00, November 27 (Server Time)






Super sales discount will hit shop too!


When new server releases, shop items are at a discount of about 50%!  It will last for 72 hours. Such a chance must not be missed!


Duration: new server releases - 0:00, November 29 (Server Time)






Elites on Meteor's Secret, attention please!


A series of “The 1st to breakthrough scenario” events kick off!  Team up with excellent mates to breakthrough scenario HH / FP / BC / SSC and win Breeze Chest, Large Ruby, All Stars Ring of Elephant or Darkness Dragon Box!


Duration: new server releases – when the appointed scenario is broken through




Which guild is the best on server?  Show union's power to enhance your guild right now!  All the top 6 guilds on ranking list will win Gem sets.  Even Fantasy Pegasus / Blue Flame Horse & TPs for guild leader!


Rewards show: ,, , , , shop-BlueFlameHorse, Shop-Pegasus.jpg


Duration: new server releases - 22:50, November 25 (Server Time)




Fight for the honor of guild!  The 1st guild to conquer Phoenix City will win Gem sets and CPs!  Guild leader will be awarded mount Assualt Wild Boar !


Rewards show: ,, , , ,


Duration: new server releases – the 1st City War winner born