Join the player level-up competition to win your flame horse!

When event ends, all players of level 61 and above can get mount  Red Flame Horse (+0,bound),

pet Siberian Husky (lvl.1, bound) (for Monk, Assassin),

and pet Blue Hornbill (lvl.1, bound) (for Wizard, Fairy, Tamer).


Duration: new server releases - November 26th (to server maintenance)





Server Purple Cloud will enjoy a double drop rate boost for about 24 hours!  Seize the chance to level up and loot treasures!


200% Gold, 200% Energy
200% Golden item, 200% Blue item, 200% Green item


Duration: new server releases - 0:00, November 14th (Server Time)






Big sales discount also hits shop!


When new server releases, shop items are at a discount of about 50%!  It will last for 72 hours. Such a chance must not be missed!


Duration: new server releases - 0:00, November 16th (Server Time)






It's time to Show union's power to enhance your guild right now!  All the top 6 guilds on ranking list will win Alien Griffin,Brown Bear, and T-Points for guild leader!

Top 1 Guild: Residual Shadow x 150, Leader: Alien Griffin (+0, bound)

Top 2 Guild: Residual Shadow x 100, Leader: Brown Bear (+0, bound)

Top 3 Guild: Residual Shadow x 80, Leader: Large Emerald x 1 (bound)

Top 4 - 6 Guild: Residual Shadow x 50

Duration: new server releases - December 10th (to server maintenance)


Fight, bros! Conquer the Phoenix City for the honor of guild!

The 1st conquer guild will win Residual Shadow x 150, and 100 C-Points for each guild member (above lvl.30), mount Assualt Wild Boar (+0,bound) for guild leader


Duration: new server releases – the 1st City War winner born