[Event] Sharing TO Facebook

Dear players,
Sharing TO Facebook” event has kicked off! Let’s share TO Facebook to win free TP!
Event Platform:
TO Facebook
Event starts since this announcement is posted, and it will end at 00:00, Jan. 18, PST.
How to take part in?
1.     Participants have to “Like” TO Facebook at first.
2.     Before the event starts, TO Operation Team posts a TO Official Picture on TO Facebook Wall.
3.     During the event, fans Share (attention: to share by click "Share" button below "TO Official Picture") this TO Official Picture to your own Facebook Profile, and add a positive sentence of TO (must include TO official website: www.talismanonline.com), and Share Limit has to be set as “Public”. The Shares meet the above requirements will be eligible for Luck Draw.
TO Official Picture posted by TO Operation Team:
20 T-Points for each winner
When the event came to an end, TO Operation Team will hold a Lucky Draw in all the eligible participants. 10 people will be drawn out to win. If there are a good amount of participants, winners’ number may be raised.
About reward claim:
After Winner List is announced, TO Facebook will send messages to winners and winners have to reply this message with TO Game Account, Character and Section to ensure a timely reward sending.
Example of an Eligible Share:
1.     If TO Official Picture can’t be found on Wall, you can find it in an album named “Wall Photo” in TO Facebook.
2.     Please DO NOT delete TO Official Picture after sharing, or we will consider you have dropped out from the event.
Invite your friend to take part in and to be TO fans! 
When TO Facebook fans number reaches 15,000, all the servers will enjoy Double Experience and Double Blue & Golden Drop Rate for 24 hours!
TO Operation Team

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