[July Event] PK Cui Ying

Dear players,
PK Cui Ying event will be held during the whole July.  Level 73 PRC BOSS Cui Ying is waiting for challenge in Senior PK Arena every day, come and defeat her! 
Time and Place:
July 1, 2012 ~ July 31, 2012:
00:00-00:30 (PST / Server Time)
18:00-18:30 (PST / Server Time)
*Cui Ying will appear during the above period, and she will stay there until being defeated.
Senior PK Arena
Event Description:
During the whole July, level 73 PRC BOSS Cui Ying will appear at Senior PK Arena on 00:00-00:30 and 18:00-18:30 every day. Come together to defeat her and loot the drop.
1.     Finish related quest and get quest reward (Bloodstain Chips).
2.     Loot drop such as random Bloodstain Chip, level 73 Armguard, Inlay Gem, Gold and other drops. 
Team (1 fairy) fights Cui Ying
Screenshot from VeniVidiVici on BF
It's a good chance to finish related quest!  Have a challenge!
TO Operation Team

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