Drop Rate Boost on Genesis

Dear players on Genesis,
Login failure problem has been fixed and Section Genesis is available to login now. 
We are sorry for the problem and decide to increase drop rate on section Genesis for 1 day as compensation. 
Drop Rate Boost:
200% Energy Rate (24 hours) 
200% Green Item Drop Rate (24 hours)
200% Blue Item Drop Rate (24 hours)
180% Golden Item Drop Rate (24 hours)
19:00, July 9 - 19:00, July 10 (PST/Server Time) | 3:00, July 10 - 3:00, July 11 (GMT)
PK Cui Ying Event on Genesis has been delayed due to login problem.  Since Genesis is fixed, this event is held right now.
Players now go to Senior PK Arena to challenge Cui Ying and loot drops!
Enjoy it!
TO Operation Team

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