DJ & SS Server Merge FAQ

This FAQ should answer most of the questions on the topic of the planned server merges. As soon as additional information will be available, we will add it to this FAQ.

1. Which servers will be merged?
Server  Diamond & Jade and Star Sapphire will be merged as one server.  Both of them are in the game section Treasures.

2. What happens if several characters with the same name end up on the same server?
  • If there are 2 characters of the same name after server merge, the one with the lower level will have a “+" mark. For example: Fairy+
  • If merged characters have the same level, the one with more experience amount will keep the name.
  • If characters share the same level and same experience, the one in the server which will be merged will carry the “+" mark.
For the “name+” character, it will be prompted a message at the first attempt to log in with that character stating that a new name must be given to this character. The character naming rules remain the same as creating a new character.  (Only numbers and English letters are available, at most 16 characters, case sensitive, etc.)  Character needs to be renamed must be renamed first before entering game.
3. What happens if more than 3 characters under same account end up on the same server?
  • In character-select interface, the “activate character” box will pop up for players to activate or block character(s).
  • Activated the character(s) you need remain under this account.
  • Players must select 3 characters before entering in the character-selection interface.
**You are recommended to transfer the valuable items to the character you need before server merge. The unactivated characters will be deleted instantly.
If the characters don’t exceed 3 under the account, players will not be required to do this step.
4. Will character information change after server merger?
  • After server merger, all the information of a character won’t be changed, except for a renamed character name.
  • After server merger, character’s items in auction, warehouse, bag, guild warehouse, in-game mail, etc will be reserved as before.
  • After server merger, character’s friend list and Master & Apprentice list will be reserved as before..
5. What happens if two guilds with the same name end up on the same server?
If there are 2 guilds of the same name after server merge, the one with the lower level will have a “+" beside. For example: TO001+ 
  • All attributes of the guild will remain unchanged.
  • Guild members will remain unchanged.
  • Guild Demesne / Warehouse will remain unchanged.
Notice: if you want to change your guild name (the one with the +) after server merge, please contact us via Support.

6. When will server merger be held? 
It will be held tentatively on July 30 (PST).
7. What’s the name of merged server? 
To be released soon.
Important Notice!
After server merge, if your friend TOFairy doesn’t rename the character, his/her name will still be displayed as “TOFairy” without a “+" mark in your friend list.
If you send items to the name of TOFairy, the mail will be sent to another player TOFairy (who doesn’t need to rename the character), instead of your friend TOFairy.
So, you are strongly recommended to make a confirmation with your friends before you transfer item/gold to their mailboxes for your item security.

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