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Dear players on section [Treasures]:
With server merger on section [Treasures], a series of events will be held on “New” server Diamond Star (DS). Let’s take a look at events list:
The following events are held for players on Server DS:

Event Name
(PST / Server Time)
Drop Rate Boost Event
(48 hrs)
20:00, Aug 3 ~ 20:00, Aug 5
Energy, Green, Blue and Golden items’ drop rate boosts for 2 days on this weekend.
Sales Discount Event
(48 hrs)
20:00, Aug 3 ~ 20:00, Aug 5
TP shop items: some Pets, Rings, Amulets, Mounts and other items have a 9%-50% discount.
CP shop items: a 19%~40% discount.
The 1st City War Winner Reward
8:00~10:00, Aug 4
The 1st City War Winner guild will win:
10 sets of Elite Valor Gems (lvl 6)

* Due to server merger, the former event “Conquer the Blood Palace” on SS is merged to current event "The 1st City War Winner Reward".  
Event details:
Drop Rate Boost Event (48 hrs)
Sales Discount Event (48 hrs)
The 1st City War Winner Reward
Enjoy them!
TO Operation Team


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