[Bulgaria] Player Interview - Sharoney

Hi my friends,
It’s time for player interview. Today, our interview guest is a player from Bulgaria. TO has a large amount of fans from Bulgaria. Let’s share his TO story.
Q: Would you please introduce yourself fist? Where are you from?
Hi everyone! My name is Denislav. I am from BULGARIA :D
Q: How did you meet Talisman Online?
From friend’s recommendation :) we needed a simple and easy-to-play game, so we found TO.
Q: What is your main character? How long did you make it to its current level? Hard or too easy to get max level?
My Char is Sharoney, level 75 Tamer in Soaring Phoenix server.
It took me around 6 months, but i wasn’t even trying hard :P
Sharoney in Scenario
Q: What attracts you most in TO world?
Comparing your strengths with others, caves and stuffs. Just building your own style :)
Q: Whats the name of your guild? Why you joined it? Wanna say something to your guild partners?
I'm an officer in guild AlphaLegion. I joined at first because they offered Medium gems rewards for CV achievement.
But spending months with them made me friends with them :)
To my guild partners-Be more active and do your GQs everyday :)
Sharoney Explores the Scenario with His Guild Mates
Q: Are you online every day? What kinds of things you do when you are online?
Online every single day (except when I have work or hardware issues)
First I do my Daily to get energy for my bow. Than I look out for PRC / SSS / SSC team :P or help guild.
Q: What have you harvested from playing TO? (Emotions, friends...)
Eeeeh , Both . Ie got some good friends , had some very interesting cave runs and other team actions
Q: What is your greatest achievement from Talisman Online game?
Anoo ... recently I bought a +10 bow and I LOVE IT :P Also I’ve got golden Assistant Talismans and ... o yeah I've got a CUTE husky <3
Q: What do you expect to see in our game in future?
More events with rewards different from CP .... We need consumables, gems and other stuff :)

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