[Brazil] Player Interview - Aod

Aod is the Guild Leader of the guild Delirium in server Diamond Star. His guild is the first Guild Master in the last guild war in this newly-merged server. 
Here we are glad to invite Aod to the interview. 
Q: Would you please introduce yourself fist? Where are you from?
Hi, I am Philippe Stenio, From Recife-PE, Brazil. 
Q: How did you meet Talisman Online?
My real friend showed the game to me and other friends, we decided to play for fun together.  
Q: When was your guild Delirium established? Were you its first leader?
In 2010, few months after the start of homesick server Flawless Jade. Yes , but I created the Delirium with my other character, the majestic female wizard Mystra. I changed the leader for my monk to be easier to conquer the blood palace. =X 
Q: Do you participate in the weekly Guild War each time?
Yes, every week. Me and my members we like very much of the city war, well as 99% of people who play MMORPG they like big Wars, you are able to test the power of your character and your skills as the player. But, Talisman Online needs encourage your players to participate more in city war, with better rewards for the winner each week, as a suggestion: more Buffs Exp, Damage, Defense and others with duration of 1 to 24 hours, a special cave with entrance in BP, more Gold. it awakens the desire from all to win the City War, see the example: usually on my server an average of four guilds register for city war, with the reward of the event for the first winner of City War, twenty guilds registered, five times more than the usual. With some improvements the war would be even more disputed, and all would seek to be the “Conquers the Blood Palace” every week.
Q; Wanna say something to your guild members and your Guild Allies?
Yes, thank you very much to older members of Delirium by the loyalty and trust over the years without you guys none of this would have been possible are like brothers to me, Thanks to recent members who have chosen the Delirium to begin or continue their journey in the game, I hope you reach your objectives together with us, and that our friendship can grow, as our Brazilian guild. a big thank you to my old Allies HeaveN and You_Down, and also for Legacy Invited recently, by the commitment to always be near and helping, in good and bad times. 
Q; Now please introduce something about your character
I have two main character Aod and Mystra, I created the monk to be able to better help my brothers guild in caves and war.
Q: What attracts you most in TO world?
The system of skill, pet and mount simple and effective, true friends and continue the constant development of delirium and its members.
Q: What is your greatest achievement from Talisman Online game?
Undoubtedly the many friendships I made, and not was few. The Guild Delirium, items are important in the game, but over time devalues and friendships over time is valued even more and this is what really important. 
Q: What do you expect to see in our game in future?
For the game becomes more popular and the players have fun for long hours, lower TP price, one chat to alliance, more new patch updates, regular Events, Super Skills, new caves, bigger Golden item drop rate in Weekend Events, more merge server for to increase the population of the servers and more fun for all. 
Thanks for your time! 


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