[Event] The Blood of Tan Wu Chen

Dear players,
With the release of new version, the final BOSS Tan Wu Chen shows up in PRS. The first team defeats the BOSS and post this screenshot on appointed thread will be rewarded TPs, CPs and item!
Tan Wu Chen
  • Duration:
Event starts at: 24:00 Aug 20, PST | 8:00 Aug 21, GMT
Event will end when all the winners come out.
  • Reward:
The first team who posts eligible screenshot on the appointed thread will win. Each server has one winner team. Every team member will get prize below:
1.    100 TP
2.    200 CP
3.       Refinery Charm (Mystic) *1  
  • How to take part in:
1.     Players team up / solo BOSS Tan Wu Chen in PRS, defeat him and take a screenshot.
Eligible Screenshot should content:
a.     All team members’ name (character name);
b.     The dead body of Tan Wu Chen;
c.     Rumor when defeat Tan Wu Chen;
d.     It’s better to content BOSS drops.
2.     Upload screenshot to internet and record screenshot url;
3.     Reply the appointed thread with these info:
a.     Eligible screenshot;
b.     All team members’ name and server.
4.     The first team who posts eligible screenshot on the thread will win price.  Each server has one winner team. There will be 9 winner teams in total. Rewards will be sent within 48 hours.
Show your strength now!
TO Operation Team

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