Join Events in Ver.1880, Win CPs!

Dear players,
TO upcoming new patch contents abundant contents that will be released gradually in future versions, thus this new patch has a size of 170 M
To relieve download pressure, patch RAR file will be released in advance for players to download. Meanwhile, a series of attractive events will kick off to offer bonus, just stay with us!
  •  Download Patch in Advance
Patch RAR file will be released for players to download in advance. When official update maintenance starts, you can update your client; and when official update maintenance is finishes, you can enter game in the first time.
Update Maintenance Duration:
20:00 – 24:00 Aug 20 (PST) | 4:00 – 8:00 Aug 21 (GMT)
Download link:
  •  Kinds of Event Offer Bonus
1.     Play in Ver.1880, Get Free CP!
Every player will be awarded Free 50 CP if succeed entering TO ver.1880. And if a player’s accumulated online-time is more than 5 hours during event duration (0:00, Aug 21 ~ 0:00, Sep 4, PST), he will get another 150 CP for free.
Duration: 0:00, Aug 21 ~ 0:00, Sep 4 (PST)
In one section, one account can get max 200 CPin this event.
2.     TP Shop Sales Discount
Appointed items: Buy-three-get-one-freeBuy-five-get-five-free and Buy-five-get-one-free
3.     Interview on Game Progress
Game Content Planning department of Mira Game will be invited to an Interview. They will talk about the progress of TO version and answer players’ questions.
4.     Free CP for New Registered Players
New registered players will get unexpected CP award while playing online! In one section, one account can get max 80 CP in this event.
Duration: 0:00, Aug 20 – 0:00 Sep 20, 2012
5.     Forum Event, High Reward
Interesting forum events “Great Vision” event and “New BOSS Wipe out” event will be held. Winners will be awarded CPs or other rewards. Easy to win, welcome to join!
"Great Vision” Event:
"The Blood of Tan Wu Chen”:  provides TPs reward (100 TP + 200 CP + Refinery Charm - Mystic *1)
TO Operation Team

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