Azure Dragon Pioneer - Nuy

Last week, we are excited to see the birth of the first Azure Dragon in TO history! Player Nuy, the dragon owner, has combined his dragon to +10.
Today we are delighted to invite him to our interview :)
Nuy and karmenytta
About Azure Dragon:
Azure Dragon is a Charm Shop mount which can be exchanged with Charm Points. There are different easy ways to earn Charm Points:
For details, welcome to visit:
Q: Hello, Nuy. Thank for accepting the interview. First of all, would you please introduce yourself fist?  
Hello there! My name is Nuy and I’m from Brunei. It’s a relatively small country and unknown to many people xD
Q: How long have you been playing Talisman Online? How did you meet this game?
I started playing TO around 4 years ago. My 4 cousins played this game and asked me to download TO! So here I am now.
Q: What is your main character? When did you start this character?
My first char was a monk in server All Stars (if I’m not mistaken) then my cousins told me I’m in a wrong server >.> so I changed to LiD and played made an assassin. Since then it is my main char.
Q: Now let’s turn to the dragon topic :D    We know that it’s not an easy job to accumulate enough Charm Points for Azure Dragon. How did you make it? It has been only around 4 months since the formal release of Charm Point system :D
4 months? I was that slow? Haha. Most of my CPs are accumulated via invitation links. A lot of friends helped me along the way. Without them I would probably get my dragon in 2 years xD. Drawings (although I’m noob at it) give CPs as well if they get published. Not forgetting other of CP events I try to participate whenever there’s one!
Q: Among all Charm Point earning ways, which one is most attractive to you?
The ones which can be done outside the game – Fan Arts, Forum Digest Thread, Calendar Material etc.
Q: How many hours do you play TO per day? What have you harvested from playing TO? (Emotions, friends...)
I work for 4 months on a ship then get the next 4 months off. When I’m at work, I can only play like 5 mins or so xD. When I’m on leave then I can play around 10hrs daily. Mostly afk though!
My GF is playing this game as well in some 7 thousand miles away! Lots of different friends of whom several I met IRL. Different people who value friendship over golds and vice versa
Q: What is your greatest achievement from Talisman Online game?
Greatest achievement so far is probably getting Azure Dragon :D thanks to all who helped #28
Q: Would you please say something about your guild?
My guild name is Nest. It was established around 1 and half year ago. (after I watched Transformers lol :p) We’ve made some ‘guild only’ events which based on their contribution value to promote guildies making guild quest xD I always tried to help members regardless of their levels.
Q: What do you expect to see in our game in future?
I hope TO make something out of this honor value from IC and RFC guild quest? It has been there for a while with no purpose xD More WCB hell flame spawn in EPK wouldn’t hurt as well! Oh and making Azure useable underwater so I can release my tired little dolphin in South Sea
Thanks for your time!
TO Editor Team



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