[SF Event] Rebirth of Kylin

Dear players,
This event is held on server Sun Flower. It’s a subsequent event of “Phoenix Rider Event”. In event “Phoenix Rider”, players who are awarded a “Fire Kylin” / "Sea Kylin” (with a 7-day validity), now could remove its expire date to get its second life!
  • Event Start Time:
Starts after maintenance. 
Estimated Time: 1:20, Sep 25 (PST) | 9:20, Sep 25 (GMT)
  • Event End Time:
22:50, Oct 22 (PST) | 6:50, Oct 23 (GMT)
  • The Rebirth of Kylin
1.     During event, find NPC Kylin Herald in Stone City. 
NPC Kylin Herald
Stone City, coordinate (282, -523)
2.     Accept his quest “Fire Kylin's Rebirth” or “Sea Kylin's Rebirth”.
3.     Hand in a "Kylin Rebirth Scroll" and "Fire Kylin" / "Sea Kylin"(expired) which you got from “Phoenix Rider Event” to finish quest.
"Kylin Rebirth Scroll” can be got from TP shop with a price of 239 TPs.
4.     Get reward "Fire Kylin" / "Sea Kylin" (unbound, without expire time, without enhancement).
***Important Notice
1.     This quest can only be done for one time. When you are buying “Kylin Rebirth Scroll”, please carefully set purchase number.
2.     Please ensure there is only one Kylin - the expired Fire / Sea Kylin - in your item bag when you finish this quest at NPC Kylin Herald. If there is another Kylin (without expire date) in your item bag, it’s risky to consume the one without expire date!
Enjoy it!
TO Operation Team

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