Halloween Event - Cosmetics Show

Treat or trick? Bonus and funs!
Dear players,
Halloween is coming! Do you have any interesting idea to celebrate this festival? If not, don’t worry. TO operation team has prepared events and bonus for all players!
Halloween Event:  Cosmetics Show on Twitter
Event Location:     In-game & twitter
Duration:                 Now – Oct.30 24: 00 PST
How to participate in the event?
Step 1:  use ingame meta-wands (the item used to change your character’s appearance) of any kind
Step 2:  take the screenshot of your character who is in transformation.
(your character name must be displayed in the screenshot).
Step 3:  go to twitter and login to your own twitter account
Step 4:  create a new tweet and upload the screenshot with the following tweet content:
1. Your character name & server
2. Talisman Online website (http://www.talismanonline.com)
3.  @Talisman_Online and @another twitter friend.
Each game account can get the rewards for only once.
Participation Reward: 10CP
Target: all players (must be TO twitter follower) whose tweet is qualified for the event.
TO official twitter: twitter.com/#!/Talisman_Online
Top 3 Reward: 20TP
Target: The 3 players whose tweets are rated as Top 3 officially
Please pay attention to your Tweet Privacy. If selected, your tweet may be not available for us to see.


Enjoy it,

TO Operation Team

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