TO Patch Release (v1900 to v1925)

Dear players,
This patch updates game client from version 1900 to 1925.
Release Date: Dec 20, PST (GMT-8)
Size: about 7.84 MB
Updating: Please open game client, click “start” to auto-update to version 1925. Manual updating patch will be released soon. Please pay attention to official news.
Main Contents:
1.   Game version updates from 1900 to 1925.
2.     Christmas quests are added.
Quest “Decorate Christmas Tree”: for players of level 15-76 to get gifts.
Quest “Merry Christmas”: totally 4 quests “level 15”, “level 30”, "level 50” and “level 70” respectively for level 15-76, level 30-76, level 50-76 and level 70-76 players to get different gifts and buffs.
Quest “Christmas Blessing”: totally 4 quests “level 15”, "level 30”, "level 45” and “level 60”. Players have to do them in level order until he doesn’t meet level requirement. Higher level quests offer higher rewards.
*Ensure there are empty blanks in your item bag, or else you won't get gifts when finishing quest.
3.     Scenario Pirate Lair adds BOSS Jing Gou and related daily quests.
Jing Gou’s drop: two pieces of level 70 talisman (for every class), Courage Badges, Red Dream Stones and Bloodstain Chips.
Daily quest related to Jing Gou
Requirement: to defeat Jing Gou
Reward: exp. 65000, energy 10000 and Armor Pieces x 5 or Bloodstain Chip x 10
4.     New arrivals in TP Shop & CP Shop.
TP Shop
Item Name
Red Dream Ring
+120 Vitality
+1% C.S Rate
+1% Dodge
+300 Defense (all elements)
*Players of level 60 and above level can equip it.
Red Dream Amulet
+120 Vitality
+8% Speed
+5% Dodge
+220 Defense (all elements)
*Players of level 60 and above level can equip it.
Mushroom (pet)
Small pet to add your attributes.
Ice Floater (mount)
Summon Ice Floater to ride. Initial speed up by 20%.
Dark Flame Horse
Summon Dark Flame Horse
 to ride. Initial speed up by 30%.
Aurora Reindeer
Summon Aurora Reindeer to ride. Initial speed up by 20%.
* It is only sold in Christmas season.
CP Shop
Item Name
Meta Scroll of Xmas Boy
A disposable Item. Use it to get buff to become a Xmas boy.
Meta Scroll of Xmas Girl
A disposable Item. Use it to get buff to become a Xmas girl.
Dark Flame Horse (+10)
X'mas boy and X'mas girl 
5.     Server Sun Flower adds a quest to remove the expired mount Kylin.
Player who has the expired mount Sea Kylin / Fire Kylin (got in event “Phoenix Rider”) please go to visit NPC “Kylin Herald” in Stone City, finish quest to remove the Kylin and get 1 gold reward.
"Kylin Herald" (nearby Immortal Lee)
*Ensure there is only one Kylin - the expired one - in your item bag, or other Kylin will have risk to be removed. 
1.     Level-up from level 30 to level 60 becomes much easier.
The required experience amount of level-up from level 30 to 60 has decreased again. Players can level up faster.
2.     The quests of getting Suits (level 60-70) – Red Dream Series have been adjusted.
a.     Now, NPC has brand new quests about getting suits (level 60-70) – Red Dream Series.
b.    If a player has already finished some quests about some suit parts, please put the suit parts in item bag and then he can continue to get quest of next suit part. *Edit: The getting duration has been adjusted.
c.     Please abandon the former quests before accepting new quests to avoid accepting repeated quests.
3.     It’s easier to defeat some BOSS in VMBC and SC.
The power of BOSS “Blaze Skull Marshal” in "Vast Mountain Bewitcher Cave" and BOSS "Super Battle Spider” in "Spider Catacomb" have been weakened a lot. 
Bugs are Fixed:
1.     Bug - BOSS in PRSC drop wrong equipment - is fixed.
Enjoy new version!
TO Operation Team


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