[SK] Player Level-up Competition

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Dear players,


Welcome to new server Scorpion King - a fresh land for you to explore!


Along with SK releasing, “Player Level-up Competition” starts!  Let’s level-up at top speed to try out for Top 10 and enjoy rewards!  Even mount  Scorpion King & 450 CPs for top 1 player and all level 60 players!


Event duration:

New server releases - 0:00 November 3 (Server Time)

Event rules:

1. The event is for all the players on server Scorpion King.
2. When event ends, top 1 players of each class, other players on in-game Top 10 Ranking list and all players of level 60 will be winners. Top 1 player and all level 60 players will win extra rewards.

Winner list will be announced in news within 48 hours after event ends. 

3. In-game Ranking List on 0:00, November 3 (Server Time) will be taken as winning standard.  If two players share the same level, the previous one on Ranking List can win prize.

Event rewards:

1. The first of every class will win: 300 C-Points
Top 1  Wizard: 300 C-Points 
Top 1  Assassin: 300 C-Points 
Top 1  Fairy: 300 C-Points 
Top 1  Monk: 300 C-Points 
Top 1  Tamer: 300 C-Points  
2. Other players on TOP 10 List (not include the above five - class top 1 players) will win 150 C-Points 
3. The top 1 player on TOP 10 List will enjoy extra prize - 150 C-Points and mount Scorpion King (+0, bound).
4. All players who reached level 60 will enjoy extra prize - 150 C-Points and mount Scorpion King (+0, bound).
Picture of a +10 Scorpion King
Prize List
Item Name
Use C-Points to buy special and interesting items in in-game Charm Points Shop.
Scorpion King
Summon the mount to ride.  It will speed up you by 30% initially. The mount can be combined with Emerald to increase move speed and upgrade its shape.


Try your best! No matter whatever the result, you won’t regret!




TO Operation Team






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