[MS] Red Flame Horse for Lev.60 Players

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Welcome to Meteor's Secret - a fresh land to explore!


Player level-up competition on MS is ongoing!  Now level-up at top speed!  Every level 60 player will win mount  Red Flame Horse!



> Event duration:

New server releases - 22:50, December 7, 2015 (Server Time / PST / GMT-8)

> Event rules:

1. The event is for all the players on server Meteor's Secret.
2. All players who have reached level 60 before event end can get a free Red Flame Horse! 
3. In-game Ranking List on 22:50, December 7 (Server Time) will be taken as winning standard.  Reward Red Flame Horse (bound) will be sent during the maintenance on Dec.14 (server time). 

> Event rewards:

When event ends, all players of level 60 can get reward mount Red Flame Horse (+0, bound).
Picture of a +10 Red Flame Horse
Item Name
Red Flame Horse
It will speed up you by 20% initially. The mount can be combined with Emerald to increase move speed and upgrade its shape.

Try your best! 




TO Operation Team



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