Maintenance updates game to Ver.3000

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Dear players,


Update maintenance will be held in game at 22:50, November 23 (server time / GMT-8 / PST) and it will last for about 1.5 hours.


After maintenance, game version will be updated to Ver. 3000.


Brief introduction of new version:


1.      New systems: fishing, cooking and friend system, Guild Soul War and City War of Phoenix City.


> Fishing System

NPC: Jiang Hai in Sky Village, Stone City or Moon Dragon Village



Bring fishing rod, hook and bait to fish in pools of game world.  Players have chance to fish kinds of treasures from pool and fish can be cooked.


> Cooking System

NPC: Pao Ding [Cook] in Sky Village, Stone City or Moon Dragon Village



Cook fish and other meats of wild animals to get food.  Food can add BUFF and metamorphosis effect.


> Friend System updates.


> Guild Soul War

8:00-9:00, Tuesday (server time)

12:00-13:00, Thursday (server time)

NPC: Bulletin Board of Guild War






> City War of Phoenix City

After maintenance, the state of Blood Palace will be unoccupied.  Players have to fight to occupy the city again.

NPC: Phoenix City Royal Envoy



After become a city master guild, the guild and guilds of defense cities can enter Phoenix City Hunting Ground to summon BOSS.  Task of summoning BOSS can only be done during 10:00-12:00 every Saturday (server time).  Defeat BOSS and get hundred of treasure boxes with precious items in them!


2. Thanksgiving Day event will start and last for two weeks.

NPC: Thanksgiving kitchener in Stone City

Duration: November 24, 2015 - 22:50, December 7 (server time)


Chance to get festival pet - Thanksgiving turkey


3.      Sales Event:

Some items in shop are at a discount of 70%!  Rare mounts are on sale in shop!

Duration: November 24, 2015 - 22:50, December 7 (server time)


4. 300% drop rate boosts for Thanksgiving Day

During 20:00, November 27 – 20:00, November 28 (server time), drop rates of golden, blue and green quality items will boost to 300%.  Have a good time!



Client download address (US):
Client download address (EU):



Details of new contents of Ver.3000 will release in news later.




TO Operation Team



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