Event of Gem Tycoon

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Dear player,


Recently, many friends are complaining that it’s so hot! The scorching heat is breaking records in many parts of the world. Some people have expressed admiration for their friends in the southern hemisphere. What's the climate like in your area?

Anyway, life goes on. Let's find some comfort in the game.


Gem Tycoon's travel caravan arrived at Stone City to provide kinds of treasures.  You can exchange treasures from him by using Magical Gem.  How to get Magical Gem?  Help Gem Tycoon to solve some personal problem and he will give Magical Gem to you as present!

Event time: July 31 ~ August 14 (After maintenance, server time / GMT-8 / PST)


Gem Tycoon's Exchange Shop 

Exchange for


Advanced Inlay Gem Box (lvl 7)

Magical Gem *1

Elite Inlay Gem of Attack (lvl 7)

Magical Gem *7

Elite Inlay Gem of Defense (lvl 7)

Magical Gem *7

Special Elite Inlay Gem (lvl 7)

Magical Gem *10

Bright Ruby

Magical Gem *32



Have a good time!




TO Operation Team



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