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Dear player,



The program of “Player Interview” is back!

Today we have an interview with FranZ, a new big card in Purple Cloud Server.

If you play in PC Server, you must have heard his name.



Q: Would you please introduce yourself fist? Where are you from?

A: My name is Franco, 24 years old and im Argentinian.

Q: How did you meet Talisman Online? Any real friends play TO with you?

A: I got good game reference from other gamers friends. We play together like eight years, but here i come alone for now.

Q: Please introduce something about your main character:) How long did you make it to its current level? 

A: My main char its “FranZ”, Lv. 81 Wizz at date. I started to play here at 1 September, still save the email i received form MiraGame saying "?Welcome to Taliman Online!" :)

Q: Are you online every day? What kinds of things you do when you are online?

A: I try to connect every day, finish my daily, guild quests and help my members as much as possible. Sometimes at this level we pursue specific objectives, such as getting better weapons or sets, but they understand it… They know that we must help each other to progress.

Q: We heard that you built a strong guild. What’s the name of your guild? Wanna say something to your guild partners?

A: I made good friends here from all world, people from Brazil, Romania, USA, Egypt... with them we create "Capella" guild and we made alliance whit NewGeneration. I do not regret making that decision, they are great players that allowed me to learn a lot and great people too. We make a great team together. Thanks guys!!

Q: What have you harvested from playing TO?

A: If you want lvl up fast, you have to learn to play as a team. You feel the thrill of advancing a new level, the adrenaline of a duel ... and the combination of both when fighting for the Palace.

Q: Do you have anything to say to Natural0001? We heard that the relationship between you is very delicate. (Natural0001 is the strongest Wizard in PC until FranZ turned up , now they are competitors.)

A: About SuperNatural0001, I respect him for his trajectory in the game. But the fact is that our "Capella" guild is the winner of the Palace! And we're going to keep unbeaten!


Let's end the interview with a screenshot of FranZ and his guild in the war.

We will interview players irregularly, and if you have something interesting to share with us, welcome to send it to the support platform! 

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