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To story contest ended successfully!

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Here is one of the stories in this Contest, written by KeeperOfLight from GS Server. 


It was like mid 2008, when one of my close friend introduced me about Talisman Online game once I visited his house to do some college assignments. From the first look, really I felt so much interested on this game as it was my 1st Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG). So, I was needed to learn from zero. Though it was tough & challenging for me to play a new online game but my friend made me little bit easier by teaching & guiding about this game. However, every new step I have disturbed him a lot & called him many time to learn how to do this or to ask how I can complete this. That time I had lots of questions to him like How, Where, When, Who etc. Thank God that he had so much patience to describe & teach me one by one about this game; otherwise I had to stop playing or had to find new easier game to play.

Beginning was so hard for me to develop myself & that friend suggested me to start with tamer or wizard as they don't need to be much stronger to compare with tank or sin but I liked sin character though still I miss to play sin as I don't have any main acct :(

So I have started with wiz & used blade weapon due to range attack on mobs. Now I liked sword weapon than blade as I made a decent character where I can survive some mobs attack. That time game was so fun & challenging and there has some very good friends those we' are used to do caves & repu quest, even lvling our-self together. Normally my friend sin (sometime monk or fairy) used to lure mobs & I have used blade's aoe to kill those lured mobs as our blade or simi was like +4 to +6 max. We did all maps repu to get new weapons/items & it was other best challenge in this game. That time we believed that, it was amazing & adventurous game life for us to go one map to other new map to meet new mobs & bosses. This way I have grown myself & still playing.

There has so many things to share those happened during this 9 years playing time but hard to explain all of them together. I think the most memorable year for me was in 2012; it was started with my birthday in January when I got some gifts from my friends & out of them had one special gift from my best friend and it was 5 LRs. He sent me 5 LRs by game mail & 1 mail with full of nice wishes. I was so much happy to see those gifts when I logged in game on my birthday. Another memorable day when I was first time joined in blood palace war. That day I have enjoyed a lot. After that I have participated most of the palace war where we can fight with friends those are in enemy guild :P

Still missing those friends who're helped me a lot to do caves, during leveling, during quests, any mission or events & so on. Few of them are still playing with me & we're still doing caves or doing quests together. As this is global game & I have met different kind of people from around the world. I have learnt many things from them about their natures, cultures, hobbies, life styles & so on. I never keep me stop to say thanks this game who introduced me lots of new friends & some of them are really good friend and those are still my friend whether they are playing or not. They helped me a lot in game life & now them still helping me in real life once I get vacation time for outside tour. Due to job life where I need to visit different countries several times every year & I' am lucky to get those chances to meet with Talisman Online friends in real life when I have visit to their country for business :)

Enjoy the game. Best of Luck.



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