First PCP Conqueror Event

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Dear players,


A series of “The 1st to breakthrough Purple Cloud Palace” events are held on all Server!

Let's sweep the new cave! 

Team up with excellent mates to breakthrough scenario Purple Cloud Palace and win Rich rewards!

The reward will include a unique NO.1 Title of every class


Check Event Rule and Join Event in the Forum!


>>Cave exploration

We believe that many players have not yet entered the new cave. Let's come together to uncover its mysterious veil.

Purple Cloud Palace is a level 80 scenario located at (-722, 964) of [East Continent]



When we enter the cave we'll find that this is a very beautiful world of water.



But we must not be deceived by its calm appearance, which is actually hidden in great danger.

You'll be surrounded by a large group of sharks and other monsters as long as you don't watch it.

And then, you'll die.



Well, through a good fight, we finally clean up all the monsters in the first floor.

Now we come to the boss of first floor, her name is Ye Chun.

What? She is in an ice coffin?



Anyway, we beat Ye Chun. (5000 words are omitted here...)

Now we can finally take a look at the second floor. I know you're already waiting impatient.


When we get into the second floor, it is obvious that everything become dark and pervade a breath of death.


There are monsters everywhere, and many patrol guards.

We are careful to clean up all the monsters and then looking for traces of boss everywhere.


We first meet Bone-Smasher, the South Guard of Death Space. It looks a bit familiar?

It is not as powerful as we imagined, and we soon get it off.



And then we found the North Guard of Death Space, his name is Soul-Plunderer.

This guy looks good. But he is not our opponent.



Now we are in front of this man, the East Guard of Death Space, Soul-Capturer.

This guy... um, It 's a long story...



Okay, we finally found this guy, the West Guard of Death Space, Executioner!

About this guy, um, it's not early. We'll talk about it next time!



Anyway, it is better to see once than hear hundred times.

Team up with friends to breakthrough scenario Purple Cloud Palace by yourself!


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