Christmas Event and Mall Sale

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Dear players,

An old year is end and new year is coming.

Hoping you'll have all the joys of the Christmas and New Year!


>> New Version

A new version will be released soon. Please look forward to it.

Update time:  Dec.17, 2018 (server time /after maintenance)

Click here for details.


>> Event

1. Special NPC "Santa Claus" and "Festival Messenger" will visit Stone City and bring gifts to everyone!

Event time: 0:00 Dec.18, 2018~Jan.14,2019 (server time /after maintenance)


2. Drop rates boost

200% drop rate boost drop event.

Event time: Dec.21, 2018~Jan.1st, 2019 (server time /after maintenance)


3. Credit preferential event

During event, any account which credits 50 points and more will enjoy 10% TP reward!

Example: If a player credits 250 tps to an account during the event, this account will receive 275 tps in total.

Event time: 0:00 Dec.18, 2018 (server time /after maintenance) ~20:00 Jan.14,2019 


>> Mall Sale

1. There will be a number of new commodities in the mall, including some Christmas limited goods.

New Goods:

New pets: Odd-eyed Cat (Pet) , Baby Griffin (Pet) , Mini Scorpicore (Pet)

Suit Box: Box of level 40+, 50+ and 60+ suit for each class.


Christmas limited (sales only during the event):

Sky Flame Sword

Little Assassin (Pet)

Little Monk (Pet)

Little Tamer (Pet)

Little Fairy (Pet)

Little Wizard (Pet)

Aurora Reindeer

Special Chest - Hell Print

Special Chest - Bright Emerald

Special Chest - Bright Ruby

Special Chest - Large Emerald

Special Chest - Large Ruby

Special Chest - Residual Shadow

Players will not only enjoy item discount by buying Special Chests, but also have chance to get mount Sapphire Bird.


2. At the same time, a number of goods will be discounted.

Some goods will get a big discount!


Shop Event time: Dec.17, 2018~Jan.14,2019 (server time /after maintenance).

Visit shop to know more.  Have a good time in shopping!




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