Easter Event and Mall Sale

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Dear players,

Happy Easter!


>> Mall Sale

1. A number of goods will be discounted.

Some goods will get a big discount!

Start time: April.15, 2019(server time /after maintenance)

Special offer will last for 3 weeks.


Have a good time in shopping!


>> Event

1. Easter bunny quests

Help NPC “Moon Rabbit” to drive out mobsters and bandits who are coveting at valuable Easter Eggs.

Start time: April.15, 2019 (server time /after maintenance)

Special offer will last for 3 weeks.


>During event, NPC Moon Rabbit in Stone City will release festival quests (level 20 / 50). Players who have reached level 20 or level 50 can accept it.

>Festival quests ask player to defeat corresponding monsters and get reward from NPC Moon Rabbit after finishing quests.

>NPC Moon Rabbit will release exchanging quest too. Player can use Precious Egg fragments to exchange for kinds of items.


2. Drop rates boost


Time: 20:00, April 19 - server maintenance starts on April 22.

 Drop rate of Blue, Golden and Energy will 300% boost.






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