City War Winner (week 29, 2010)
7/18/2010 6:24:00 PM

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Light in the Darkness:

Guild: Gerak_Khas

Guild Leader: assasinhero

Sky around Water:

Guild: Anarchy

Guild Leader: FateOfTheEnemy

Earth and Seas:

Guild: Pejuang

Guild Leader: budaksamseng

Sun and Moon:

Guild: Wrath

Guild Leader: Vman

All Stars:

Guild: azn_killer

Guild Leader: johnytuan

Giant Tree:

Guild: WildCatz

Guild Leader: EdyhNeb

Big Fish:

Guild: Vengence

Guild Leader: Myth

Soaring Phoenix:

Guild: Haven

Guild Leader: S1L3nT


Brilliant Diamond:

Guild: PureBlood

Guild Leader: JaanTheBest

Flawless Jade:

Guild: You_Down

Guild Leader: RazelDeviot

Congratulations! We value your support!

See you next week!