Patch Release (v1652to1716)
12/6/2010 9:04:00 PM

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Talisman Online
Patch 1716

This patch updates game client from version 1652 to 1716.

Release Date: 2010-12-6
Setup: 385 MB
Download Link: Click Here

Patch Updates:


1. New level cap: 73.
2. New maps in East Continent: Peace Island, South Rock and Cloud Island.
3. New system: Gem Inlay & Refinery
4. New daily quest: Courage Quest (in Stone City)
5. New system: Quest Commitment
6. New system: Mutual Quest
7. Weekly Event: South Border Land Event
8. UI Improvement & New Updater Picture
9. Adjustment on newbie village "Green Scarp" scene.
10. New Level 68 World Class BOSS: Hell Flame Demon


Player, Map, Monster, Quest, Scenario:

1. The level cap is raised to 73.

2. New maps in East Continent: Peace Island, South Rock and Cloud Island. Player can arrive at there from West of Barbarian Mountain. In new maps, there are new teleporters, new quests, new monsters & BOSS and drops of level 70-73 equipments.

3. Improvement on the newbie village "Green Scarp". New newbie quests.

4. New Quest Commitment system. Player can commit some quests to others (such as guild quests) to do by paying money via this system.

5. Mutual Quest: this system is oriented to bring extra bonus for players by helping each other. High-level players can help low-level players in scenario and both of the parties will be able to get rich bonus. Mutual Quests can be accepted from NPC Mutual Quest Man.

6. New Daily Quest: Courage Quest

7. South Border Land Event: players can team up with others and kill the BOSS and 2 inferior BOSS in three main areas to loot the treasure boxes. Open the box to get various rewards!

8. Reduce the difficulties of scenarios Spider Catacomb, Silver Fox Cave and Chill Wind Cave. the BOSS Fallen Libardo will drop one extra item: Ice Ring.

9. New level 56 Veteran BOSS in Dai's Field [Veteran Brawny Soldier], he drops Lev 50-60 Cuff, Kneepad, Belt and Boots of all classes; Lev 57 Ring; Lev 59 Amulet.

10. New level 62 Veteran BOSS Veteran Wutai Muscler in Moon Dragon Village, he drops Lev 60-70 Cuff, Armguard, Belt of all classes; Lev 67 Ring; Lev 69 Amulet.

11. When player receives a calendar case share from others, a [!] will appear on the left his/her avatar.

UI & Item & NPC

1. Improvement on UI; new updater picture.

2. When player has new mail, he/she can click the mail hint beside the mini-map to show the nearby Post Officer.

3. New Gem Inlay & Refinery System: new level 3 ~ 6 Primary to Mystic gems are released in this version.

4. New NPC Gem Inlay Admin, Courage Merchant and Courage Trial Manager in Stone City and Moon Dragon Village.

5. NPC New NPC Mutual Quest Man and Mount Admin, etc.

6. New NPC Forest Man in Stone City, Moon Dragon Village, etc. for players to check the details of Veteran BOSS and World Class BOSS.

7. Improvement on the newbie village Green Scarp scene. Some changes on NPC appearance, NPC location and quests.

8. The tracked quests are listed in quest box.

9. The expansion on warehouse is expanded from 6 slots to 12 slots.

10. Guild Admin is added in the auto-path in Stone City.

11. New selectable T-Points option in auction page. Select it to show all T-Points on sale.


1. Limited Assassin's limit on dash skill. If other action blocks the dash, dash will be stopped.

2. Fairy: healing CS = Weapon Talisman's CS rate + the numbers of equipments which can increase CS rate + basic healing CS. In CS, healing volume = 150% normal healing volume. The buff duration of Sun Needle is increased to 30 minutes.

3. Monk: increases aggro and PVE ability. Decrease [Sacrifice] cooling down time from 180 seconds to 60 seconds.

4. Enhancement: Talisman can be enhanced without being unequipped. If character's Item Box is full, player will fail t open the enhancement box and will get related hint.


1. New column: [Inlay]. Sells Inlay Gems and Refinery Charms.
2. New column: [Cosmetic]. Sells various cosmetic items of all classes to change character's avatar.
3. Removal: [Medicine]. All items in this column will be moved to [Aidance].
4. New Arrival: Heaven Thunder Sword, Rider's Charm, Bird Amulet, etc.


And some other adjustments and bugs fix.