Player Interview - Sunne
3/4/2011 1:28:00 AM

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Dear Sunne,

Thank you for taking the time to our interview. We also would like to thank you for all the great screen shots you've created, and hope you will continue to sharing more excellent TO pictures with all of us. And you can answer these questions at your leisure.


T: What country do you live in? Would you please introduce more about yourself?

S: I was born in the USA in the state of Texas. Growing up my friends and I adventured the woods and fields on horseback looking for (lol) treasures and camped out a lot. We found snakes, foxes, and racoons, but the treasures eluded us. Now as a grown up I have to work for a living, so for now most of my horse riding,adventuring and treasure hunting is done here on T.O. Having been around horses all my life, I have to say that the ones on T.O. are the most accurate I've found in online games, except they don't bite and try to buck you off like the real ones.



T:  What are your hobbies at leisure time?

S: My family is very musical, almost everyone plays an instrument, I play a few different instruments, so at our family events we wind up jamming. Like a team, when everyone gets in rhythm and sync, its awesome fun, just like T.O. I have a small recording studio set up, so I write and record songs a lot. I also love writing stories to see where they go and what develops, it becomes like a like a quest or adventure. I've been fortunate to have known several real heroes during my life, I still believe in heroes, and include them in my stories, both male and female.



T: You've created many excellent TO screenshots, all of them are popular among players. Would you please tell us something about your screen shots idea?

S: I have taken SS since I started playing and have hundreds, but the quality over time has gotten better with experience, and here I must credit my friend Wyn who is admin of the TO WIKI, she encouraged me to help on the Wiki, and all I knew how to do was screenshots. As a lvl 70 I could go to all places and take pictures of mobs and bosses, so I spent many hours wandering over all areas taking screenshots. I saw Wyn's screenshots as well as Steyl's and others and knew good ones were possible, I saw the art of Shadow and others and was inspired to try harder. In the end though only the magnificent brilliance of the artists of the game itself make good SS possible. There are so many fine details most of us never notice because we are in a rush to level, so I like to showcase the art for all to see. Taking screenshots is also a break from the daily game routine, it becomes an adventure in itself, a treasure hunt for the art and design hidden in this game. You learn certain tricks, how to turn the camera, where to stand, how much to zoom, things like that. Practice improves your shots. I realize not for everyone would enjoy it, but I do.



T: How did you know Talisman Online? How many hours per day do you play this game?

S: A close relative played this game from the start and I would walk by and say, “you still playing that same old game?' He said "you should try it", so finally I did, a year and a half later I'm still here. No other online game I've played made me feel so connected to my character,friends, and community as this one does. You feel like you are in real control of your character, the timing,the animations, and the sounds are well tweaked, the combat is responsive to your input and decisions. The game is not overly complex like some MMORPG's and not too simplistic either, it feels just right to me. I play 3 hrs most weekdays and more on weekends if I can. When I can't play, I miss my friends dearly.



T: What's your character's level now? What class?

S: I have a lvl 73 Tamer named Sunne, a lvl 70 fairy named Sylky and a lvl 71 Monk named LuxDei, a lot to maintain and level, but a lot of fun also. Now I’m building a wizard, she is level 41.


T: What's your favorite class? Why?

S: The Tamer is the easiest to play with the job of combat support, shoot and kill. The Monk is a rockman with responsibilities because he has to try and be a shield for the team. The Fairy is the most work because she has to watch over the whole team’s health while they run full steam ahead as she try's to chase them down so she can heal them, it can be exhausting. They are all fun but the Tamer most fits my personality and history, plus she has a buddy in her pet, finding the pet you like is a quest in itself, and the pets are really helpful for most of the game. At higher levels they can’t stand up to the stronger mobs and bosses, I wish they could continue to level with us to the new cap. On a team if everyone would consider themselves to be a partner and servant to the others with them, the scenarios would be much more enjoyable. No one really needs to be the “rockstar” of the team.


T: What makes a completely unforgettable game experience for you?

S: The people you play along side raises a good game to a much higher level of enjoyment. There are brave ones, funny ones, generous ones, kind ones, and lol, even clueless ones. Diversity is the spice of life, and that applies here on this game also. I have one friend who changes with each character class he plays, it makes me laugh, when he plays a monk, he talks like a caveman, “I go cave now, you come with?” but if he plays assassin he is all sophisticated, “Im going to a cave now , would you like to accompany me?” The thing is he doesn't realize he is doing it. There are also the not so good type players but they don't outweigh the good players, their reputation usually does them in eventually. As I said, I still believe in heroes and I've met many in T.O. including several in the guild I am lucky to be in, Gems Of Destiny. People from every nation are on here, that is incredible to a small town person like me. Before I played TO I had never spoken with a Russian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Romanian, or Chinese person, and there are many more nationalities I've gotten to meet, and I'm really thankful for that since I may never get to see their country.



T: What do you wanna say to your in-game players?

S: To my fellow players on Soaring Phoenix, thank you for the adventures, I am glad to be playing on your server. I've never visited another server, but I read what the players from those servers post on the forums and know they would be fun to team with. On the forum, Amity's brilliant humor cracks me up, Byona's intelligence helps me, Shadows talent awes me, Z1OC is a darling, and Steyl is a shining Knight, I can imagine what being on a team with any of them might be like. Games are about fun, if you aren't having fun, you are doing it wrong. So many wanted a level cap raise because they were bored, then when it came they rushed with breakneck speed to reach the new cap so they could be bored again. Slow down and enjoy the adventure.



T:  In the future, what do you expect out of Talisman Online?

S: Your developers did a good job in the last 2 patches filling in some blank spots but for new players there are still some xp holes that could be filled in with more quests to relieve some of the rep grinding. People seem to like collecting things so rare relics to find might be fun for many. Treasure map scrolls that come from drops that have the coordinates to buried treasure to find and dig up, yeah that's cool, I want. OK my dream list is long so I’ll stop here and be quiet. Thanks a lot for letting me ramble on. Live long and prosper T.O, same to all you Talismanites.




Thanks so much ^^  



Talisman Online Editor Team