New Game Section - Treasures
3/2/2010 10:08:00 PM

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Dear players,

Maybe some of you started very early with TO from 'Light in Darkness', and some might have joined us recently in 'Soaring Phoenix'. You may not know that all the current 8 servers belong to a game section - Genesis.

Now we are excited to welcome the 2nd Game Section - Treasures!

This new game Section - Treasures - will be opened formally at approximately 0:00 March 4th PST! All players can find its entrance on the game login box.

Moreover, to celebrate the start of a new Section, two new servers will be opened together on 'Treasures': 'Brilliant Diamond' & 'Flawless Jade'! The two servers will be available upon the start of 'Treasures'.

Some notes:

A: Do we need to register for a new account to enter the new section 'Treasures'?

Q: No! Player's current registered game accounts are also available on the new section 'Treasures', which means player can login to any of your existing account directly to create characters on 'treasures'.

A: When can I credit t-points to the account on 'Treasures'?

Q: From March 8th, players can credit T-points for the account on the new section 'Treasures'.

A: If I credit TPs to the account on 'Treasures', does it mean that these TPs can also be used on section 'Genesis'?

Q: Sorry, the answer is no. T-points are independent from different game sections. When you credit T-points, you will be asked to select one Section first.

Talisman Online Operation Team