Christmas Events and New Version 5924!

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Dear players,


Merry Christmas, wish you have all the happiness in the coming 2023!


The festive events and game version updates are:


>> New Version 5924

A new version 5924 will be released. Update time: Dec.12, 2022 (server time / after maintenance)

+> New area Great Void Dreamland be added in Devil Realm, where big boss Ding Yin appears.

+> Players can get Armguard and Cuff of the new Suit "Covert Tao Suit" by beat the boss Ding Yin.

+> The functions of the Saddle be expanded.

+> Some minor adjustments. And some bugs fixed.


>> Special NPC Tasks

Special NPC "Santa Claus" and "Festival Messenger" will visit Stone City and bring gifts to everyone!

Event time: 0:00 Dec.13, 2022 ~ Jan.9, 2023 (server time / after maintenance)


>> Drop rates boost

200% drop rate boost drop event.

Event time: Dec.20, 2022 ~ Jan.2, 2023 (server time / after maintenance)


>> Credit preferential event

During event, any account which credits 50 points and more will enjoy 10% T-Points reward!

Example: If a player credits 250 tps to an account during the event, this account will receive 275 tps in total.

Event time: 1:00 Dec.13, 2022 ~ 20:00 Jan.9, 2023 (server time)


>> Mall Sale, X'mas Limited Things

(1) A lot of goods will be discounted. Some goods will get a big discount!
Shop Event time: Dec.13, 2022 ~ Jan.9, 2023 (server time / after maintenance)

(2) The pets, Superman and Batman, will be on sale on Dec.13, 2022.

(3) Christmas limited (sales only during the event):
Sky Flame Sword / Aurora Reindeer
Special Chest - Hell Print / Special Chest - Residual Shadow
Special Chest - Bright Emerald / Special Chest - Bright Ruby
Special Chest - Large Emerald / Special Chest - Large Ruby

Players will not only enjoy item discount by buying Special Chests, but also have chance to get mount Sapphire Bird.





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