Christmas Events and New Version 6024

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Dear players,

Merry Christmas, wish you have all the happiness in the coming 2024!

The festive events and game version updates are:

>> New Version 6024
A new version 6024 will be released.
Update time: Dec.18, 2023 (server time / after maintenance)
+> New area be added in Devil Realm, where big boss Cinnabar Asura appears.
+> Players can get Boots and Kneepad of the Suit "Covert Tao Suit" by beat the boss Cinnabar Asura.
+> New function 'Horse Identification' of the Saddle be expanded.
+> New mount 'Ancient Beast Baize' be added.
+> Some minor adjustments. And some bugs fixed.

>> Special NPC Tasks
Special NPC "Santa Claus" and "Festival Messenger" will visit Stone City and bring gifts to everyone!
New event 'I love TO' can be found by visiting Santa Claus
Event time: 0:00 Dec.19, 2023 ~ Jan.15, 2024 (server time / after maintenance)

>> Drop rates boost
200% drop rate boost drop event.
Event time: Dec.19, 2023 ~ Jan.1, 2024 (server time / after maintenance)

>> Credit preferential event
During event, any account which credits 50 points and more will enjoy 10% T-Points reward!
Example: If a player credits 250 tps to an account during the event, this account will receive 275 tps in total.
Event time: 10:00 Dec.19, 2023 ~ 20:00 Jan.15, 2024 (server time)

>> Mall Sale, X'mas Limited Things
(1) A lot of goods will be discounted. Some goods will get a big discount!
Shop Event time: Dec.19, 2023 ~ Jan.15, 2024 (server time / after maintenance)
(2) New mount 'Ancient Beast Baize' will be on sale on Dec.19, 2023.
(3) Christmas limited (sales only during the event):
Sky Flame Sword / Aurora Reindeer
Special Chest - Ancient Phoenix Treasure Box / Special Chest - Residual Shadow
Special Chest - Bright Emerald / Special Chest - Bright Ruby
Special Chest - Large Emerald / Special Chest - Large Ruby
Players will not only enjoy item discount by buying Special Chests, but also have chance to get mount Sapphire Bird.






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