July Events Summary

Dear players,
Here is a summary of events in July.  Have a nice time through the whole month!
  • PK Cui Ying Event
PK Cui Ying event will be held during the whole July.  Level 73 PRC BOSS Cui Ying is waiting for challenge in Senior PK Arena every day, defeat her, loot drops and finish quest!
00:00-00:30 (PST / Server Time)
18:00-18:30 (PST / Server Time)
Date: July 1, 2012 ~ July 31, 2012
PK Cui Ying - from Gladiatori (BF)
Cui Ying Drops – from Lavaman (BF)
  • Award Answer-Question
Every Thursday, come online to answer GM’s questions and win reward!
0:00~0:30, every Thursday in July (PST / Server Time)
Rewards include free C-Points, Inlay Gems, Package, Small Lucky Bag, Combine Items, etc.
  • [SS Event] Conquer the Blood Palace
Join City War on weekend and conquer the Blood Palace!  New Master Guild who defeats the defender side will win 10 sets of Elite Valor Gem series (lvl 6) – 50 Gems in total!
During City War  
10, 2 or 1 set of Elite Valor Gem are prepared as corresponding reward to different winners.
Here is a sample of 1 set of Elite Valor Gem series (lvl 6):
Item Name
Elite Valor Gem of Water
(lvl 6)
Increase Water damage. Works for all Water blades of the Wizard and all Water bows of the Tamer.
Elite Valor Gem of Lightning
(lvl 6)
Increase Lightning damage. Works for all Lightning wheels of the Fairy and all Lightning Simitars of the Assassin.
Elite Valor Gem of Fire
(lvl 6)
Increase Fire damage. Works for all Fire swords of the Wizard and all Fire staffs of the Monk.
Elite Valor Gem of Poison
(lvl 6)
Increase Poison damage. Works for all Poison daggers of the Assassin and all Poison crossbows of the Tamer.
Elite Valor Gem of Buddha
(lvl 6)
Increase Buddha damage. Works for all Buddha Shovels of the Monk and all Buddha Pearls of the Fairy.
Hope you enjoy them!
TO Operation Team

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