[Treasures] The 1st City War Winner Reward

Dear players on server DS,
At this weekend, the 1st round City War will kick off on "new" server Diamond Star (DS)
The 1st City War Winner will be awarded an extra rich reward!  Welcome to join!
  • Event Duration
8:00~10:00, Sat (PST / Server Time) | 16:00~18:00, Sat (GMT)
It's starts on this weekend, and it will end when the 1st City War Winner on DS comes out.
  • Rewards
10 sets of Elite Valor Gems (lvl 6)
A set of Elite Valor Gems (lvl 6) includes 5 pieces of gems in total:
Item Name
Elite Valor Gem of Water
(lvl 6)
Increase Water damage. Works for all Water blades of the Wizard and all Water bows of the Tamer.
Elite Valor Gem of Lightning
(lvl 6)
Increase Lightning damage. Works for all Lightning wheels of the Fairy and all Lightning Simitars of the Assassin.
Elite Valor Gem of Fire
(lvl 6)
Increase Fire damage. Works for all Fire swords of the Wizard and all Fire staffs of the Monk.
Elite Valor Gem of Poison
(lvl 6)
Increase Poison damage. Works for all Poison daggers of the Assassin and all Poison crossbows of the Tamer.
Elite Valor Gem of Buddha
(lvl 6)
Increase Buddha damage. Works for all Buddha Shovels of the Monk and all Buddha Pearls of the Fairy.
1. If no guild wins in City War during this weekend, this event will continue until the 1st City War winner comes out on DS.
2. Due to server merger, the former event "Conquer the Blood Palace" on SS is merged to current event "The 1st City War Winner Reward".
Enjoy it!
TO Operation Team

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