Weekend events (May1-May3)

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Dear players,


Welcome to enjoy Talisman Online on weekend!   



 200% Drop Rate Boosts   


200% Golden Item Drop Rate (24hours)

200% Blue and Green Item Drop Rate (24hours)

200% Energy Rate (24hours)  


Time: 20:00, May 1 ~ 20:00, May 2 (Server Time / GMT-8)



 City War   


City War of Blood Palace will start at: 8:00 Sat (PST / Server Time / GMT-8).  Championship belongs to elite guild!

Time: 8:00, May 3 (PST / Server Time / GMT-8)  



 South Border Land Adventure   


The strongest BOSS in Talisman Online are in South Border Land.  Heroes, let's get together to challenge them!   


Time (PST / Server Time / GMT-8): 

11:00 ~ 13:00, Sat, May 2

19:00 ~ 21:00, Sun, May 3 


Notice: sell and buy gold forbidden! 


Please DO NOT participate in the trade of TO Gold for Real Cash. This will result in a reversed transaction and your account will get temporarily or permanently banned. Purchasing in-game gold or items using real cash is against our terms of service. Much of them are obtained through the stealing of TO accounts and hacking. If you purchase anything from the hackers, you directly support the hacking community. 


Furthermore, visiting their websites marked as "in-game money" or "cheaper gold" is also dangerous to your game account because your account will probably be the target of hack software.  


More security tips: http://www.talismanonline.com/account_security2.html




TO Operation Team        






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