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Anti Fake GM

Fake GMs usually prevent to be in-game GMs and tell you that your account has been reported for hacking or something else and they need to scan your account. They will then ask for your login information and ask you to log off. When you log off, they will have your account. These are usually keylogged.


Small Tips:

GM will never ask for your account information or password.

GM will never send T-Points to you.

GM will never delete your character in any case.



A real GM's words displayed in the chatting channel are YELLOW.


A real GM's character name embraces a prefix of [GM].


Anti Fake Mail

Counterfeit mail senders always tell you via the in-game mail that your account has won a lucky draw with a reward of XXX TPs. What you need to do is to send a certain amount of in-game Golds to him. Once you've sent Golds to the character he told you, he will not appear to you any more.


Solution - Ignore these people!! Welcome to take the screenshots of related dialogue or mail content and send them to the official Support. GMs will check them seriously and ban all related scammer's accounts forever!!


A Mail from a Fake GM


Anti Private Server

How Does Private Server Steal My Account?


The private serve is using an old version of TO for you to download. When you install its client, one kind of Trojan will be loaded to your computer during the installation. Usually the Trojan usually lies in every [.exe] files.


Once the Trojan exists in your computer, it will search the related information and steal your Account and Password of official Talisman Online automatically! And usually the virus will retrieve more than just TO account, your online banking info, paypal account and all other accounts will be in security alert as well!


Once the hacker got your official Account and Password, soon, you cannot log in Talisman Online! And all of your valuable items will be stolen to sell for real money!



The whole process of stealing by private server:


1. Use "Free" Slogan to attract you.

2. Provide an old TO version for you to download and play

3. You install client and have Trojan placed in your computer.

4. Trojan steals your account & password of Talisman Online.

5. Your TO account would be hacked any time.

6. Your items might be stolen and be sold for real money.

7. Moreover, real money transaction is seriously forbidden. Once your account is involved in any real money transactions, it will run the extra risk of being banned!



Tips: If you have ever installed the private server, please be sure to install updated anti-virus software to safeguard your computer and ensure your account security.Execute an instant and thorough virus scan, and you will protect not only your TO account, but all other important information!


And the best way to avoid the above troubles, please DO NOT install any private server clients!


And DO NOT be cheated by any "Free TP" slogan!



Anti Hacker

1. It is recommended not to use assistant software while playing game. Once you use assistant software or botter, your account name and password will probably be sent to a remote server. Then your game account will be stolen anytime.

2. It is strongly recommended not to log into any unofficial websites or links.

3. DO NOT reveal account information to others or share your account with others because it may bring unnecessary trouble such as scams or even make your account lost.

4. Please make sure to install updated anti-virus software to safeguard your computer and ensure your account security. Execute an instant and thorough virus scan, and you will protect not only your TO account, but all other important information!


Please obey the rules to protect your own game server and characters. Thank you!


Anti Real Money Trade

DO NOT participate in the trade of TO Gold for Real Cash. This will result in a reversed transaction and your account will get temporarily or permanently banned.


Purchasing in-game gold or items using real cash is against our terms of service. Much of them are obtained through the stealing of TO accounts and hacking. If you purchase anything from the hackers, you directly support the hacking community.


Furthermore, visiting their websites marked as "in-game money" or "cheaper gold" is also dangerous to your game account because your account will probably be the target of hack software.


Account Security Comics

The comics are provided by player: Pharangese