How to get free C-Points?


C-Points is the consumption monetary in Charm Shop and it is provided freely for players.
C-Point is bound to your game account.


Here are 3 Main ways to get it:

  • Recommendation System Bonus
  • Rebate Recharge System Bonus
  • Game Events Reward
    Daily reward and events reward (Facebook Event, Forum event, Fan art rewards, in-game event rewards, etc.)

Simple List:

Methods How to Your Reward (C-Points) Details
Recommendation System Bonus Invite your friends to join Talisman Online Friend Level up Bonus:
2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 100 / 200 CP for certain levels
Bonus from Friend's TP Recharge:
1% rebate rate
Rebate Recharge Bonus Recharge T-Points(>=10TP), then get C-Points rebate. 5% rebate rate Details
Game Events Reward Weekly Login Reward. 7 CP per week Details
Fan Arts Reward. Entry Prize: 20 CP
Grand Prize: 200 CP
Forum Digest Thread Reward 100 CP per digested thread Details
Calendar Material Reward 50 CP per selected picture Details
Screenshot Reward 5 CP per recommended screenshot Details
Facebook Weekend Event 20 CP per winner(depends on actual situation) Details
Level-up Bonus

Level 40: 10 CP
Level 50: 30 CP
Level 60: 50 CP
Level 70: 100 CP
Level 80: 150 CP
*This series of bonus can be got for only ONCE by one account.

Register Reward Registered Account: 10 CP Details
Setting security Q&A Reward Completed Security Q&A: 20 CP Details
Other Events Ex. video competition: 30-100 CP Details
  • All the info related to Level-up is updated every 24 hours, while all the Rebate Recharge info is updated every 30 minutes.
  • Please remember to check your Charm Bonus Webpage and credit CP to your game account by yourself.
  • C-Point is bound to your account.
  • This is the beta version of Charm Shop. Mira Game reserves all rights of interpretation.


If you have any problems, please contact Mira Game Customer Support Team via: