Buy TP Code 

The difference between "Purchase TP Code" and "Direct Recharge TP":
* "Purchase TP Code" needs players to credit TP into game by themselves.

* "Direct Recharge TP" doesn't need this step.



Buy T-Points (>=10 T-Points) and get an extra C-Points bonus! Rebate rate is 5%.


Purchase by PayPay - Instant 
T-Points Amount Price Pay by PayPal
90 USD7.99
250 USD19.99
760 USD59.99
1800 USD139.99


Paypal Purchase Limit (for security reason):


  • Maximum purchase limit: you could buy maximum USD300 within 1 day, and maximum USD1000 within 10 days.
  • Players who buy through Paypal for the first time can't buy again within 48 hours



Purchase T-Points through PagSeguro (BOA) or Razer Gold (MOL): 
Reseller Country/Region Pay
PagSeguro (BOA) Latin America (part) & Portugal


Reseller Country/Region Pay
Razer Gold - MOL Southeast Asia




Having problem in purchasing:


Please contact [email protected] or write to Support: MiraGame Support.

* Please add these two mail addresses “[email protected]” and “[email protected]” to the white list of your mailbox, so that you can receive TP information from system mails (no-reply mails).