Buy TP Code 

The difference between "Purchase TP Code" and "Direct Recharge TP":
* "Purchase TP Code" needs players to credit TP into game by themselves.

* "Direct Recharge TP" doesn't need this step.



Buy T-Points (>=10 T-Points) and get an extra C-Points bonus! Rebate rate is 5%.


Purchase by PayPay - Instant 
T-Points Amount Price Pay by PayPal
90 USD7.99
250 USD19.99
760 USD59.99


Paypal Purchase Limit (for security reason):


  • Maximum purchase limit: you could buy maximum USD200 within 1 day, and maximum USD1000 within 10 days.
  • Players who buy through Paypal for the first time can't buy again within 48 hours



Purchase T-Points through Credit Card or Paysafecard- Instant 

T-Points Amount Price Pay by Credit Card
90 USD7.99
250 USD19.99
760 USD59.99
1300 USD99.99
2350 USD179.99


Skrill (Moneybookers) is the secure way to pay globally without revealing your financial detail. With just your email address, you can send and spend with over 100 payment options, including all major credit and debit cards, in 200 countries.



Purchase T-Points through BOA or MOL: 
Reseller Country/Region Pay by BOA
BoaCompra Latin America (part) & Portugal


Reseller Country/Region Pay by MOL
Razer Gold - MOL Southeast Asia
Purchase T-Points by Western Union 
T-Points Amount Price Pay by Western Union
1000 USD78.00
2000 USD152.00
4000 USD296.00




Having problem in purchasing:


Please contact [email protected] or write to Support: MiraGame Support.

* Please add these two mail addresses “[email protected]” and “[email protected]” to the white list of your mailbox, so that you can receive TP information from system mails (no-reply mails).