Refer friends to Get CP Bonus


Dear players,


Refer a friend to play TO through “Recommendation System”, you will not only enjoy the game together with your friends but will also get C-Points bonus.



What’s the bonus like?




*By click this button  you can check your invitee’s state and CP bonus he brought to you.


*What is C-Points (CP): CP is used to buy special and interesting items in Charm Shop.




*How to use this system? 


  It’s simple, just follow the steps below:


1.  Login Charm Bonus system:


2.  Recommendation System is easy to find:



3.  Click button to enter this system and your exclusive Recommendation URL is shown to you:



4.  Copy this link and sent it to your friends. You can also send it through Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or email.


5.  If your friend succeeds in registering a TO account by clicking your exclusive recommendation link, this account will automatically become your valid invitee’s accountHis level up and recharge TP will bring you CP bonus.