Moderator Rules



Moderator is a role of in-game administrator played by player to help manage the game environment. Without privilege that will affect balance of the game, moderator is the same as ordinary characters essentially. To regulate moderator management and make it more transparent, we release the details of Mod Rules here for your reference and supervision:

Moderator Rules
1. Fairness and justice should be performed when moderators use their rights to help the players in maintaining a harmonious game environment.
2. Moderators are not allowed to do anything that will violate the game rules or break the balance of the game.
3. Moderators are strictly prohibited to use coarse language or use cheating program.
4. Moderators are strictly prohibited to use their special power to steal or defraud player of items or money in the game.
Moderator Case Usage
1. Moderators solve all of the in-game problems on the basis of fairness and equity.
2. Moderators can be identified by the prefix of the in-game name [mod]
3. Moderators will never request players for their password of game account as well as the information of Credit Card.
4. Moderators deal with all cases by the related Moderator Rules
Moderator Rights and Responsibilities:
Different from GM, moderator has only 2 special powers: mute (5 mins and 30 mins) and kick off.




Mod Disposal

A Player uses coarse words or abuses others in whichever chat channel To mute 5 mins and 30 mins or kick off if player violates repeatedly
B Player uses ceaseless non-English words in World Channel To mute 5 mins and 30 mins or kick off if player violates repeatedly
C Player floods the screen in World Channel or Normal Channel To mute 5 mins and 30 mins or kick off if player violates repeatedly
D Player puts advertisements on selling Gold and other illegal trade. To kick off
E Player makes political points or political wrangling To kick off
F Player uses hack tools (such as cheating programs and bots) To kick off


Moderator Privilege


Two privileges are given to moderator to assist their better management. Any violator can be kicked off by moderators and GMs.


  • Players are not allowed to PK moderator (except in PK Arena and City War).
  • Moderator can talk in world channel without frequency limitation.


If players find any violation behavior of moderator, welcome to send related information to Support or our official mail address if you have Screen Shot as attachment: [email protected]. Thank you for your supervision and cooperation.


If you are interested in becoming an in-game moderator, welcome to write to: [email protected] with following information:


  • Game Server
  • Your Character's Name
  • Your Country
  • Your Age
  • Your General Online Time (PST)
  • Reasons to become a moderator