Player Rules



Mira Game official staffs and Game Masters (GMs) have the right to deal with any issues which harm game operation and game environment. When playing game, please note and observe the following rules:


1. To get others' game password by any means is forbidden.
  Notice: GM or any Mira Game staffs won't ask for players' password of game account in any way. Don't believe in any mails or messages which ask for your game password. Once you found this kind of issues, report to us immediately.
2. Pretend to be GM or Mira Game official staff anywhere in any way is forbidden.
3. Spam in world chat channel and insult others in whichever chat channel are forbidden.
4. Racial discrimination words, violent information and political speech are forbidden.
5. Announcing illegal website or illegal tool is forbidden.
  Illegal website includes websites that sell gold or T-Points, fake event website, and other website which aims at stealing players' account and password.
6. Illegal gold trade and illegal T-Points trade are forbidden. We recommend you don't trade through unofficial way.
  Legal trade way provided by official: In-game auction and official purchase.
7. Sell & Buy account and guild are forbidden.
8. To get others' item through illegal means, such as cheat in trade, hack or steal from others, is forbidden.
9. Using plugin program, bot and any means to break game fairness to get illegal interests are forbidden.


Anyone breaks the above rules will be banned in account or get other punishment depends on situation.

If you have any problems or find any illegal behaviors, please report to us through Support Platform: