Patch Information

Patch Name: TO_patch-40_2031to2032.exe        Patch Size: 2.23 MB       Release Date: 2014-08-25
This patch will update your client from version 2031 to 2032.
Users' Instruction

Patch Installation Guide

How to install patch?
1. Double click the latest patch which you have downloaded from the above addresses.
2. Follow the directions and install it under "Talisman Online" root directory.
3. Open game client and enter game.


If you can't update game, such as failed in updating or getting stuck, please try to: "Run as Administrator" if your OS is win7; update again; download and install the latest client.

*If you can't connect to game, please try these solutions.

*If you still have problems, please contact Support, GMs (Game Masters) will help you there.

History Patches
Release Date Patch Name Size Download Links
2014-07-22 TO_patch-39_2030to2031.exe 2.35M download1
2014-04-15 TO_patch-38_2028to2029.exe 107M download1
2014-03-17 TO_patch-37_2026to2028.exe 4.44MB download1
2014-02-12 TO_patch-36_2024to2026.exe 16.8MB download1