To play Talisman Online, you must download and install the game client. It's free to download and play, so start your adventure today!
Client Information

Client Size: 1412017KB        Version: 5925       Publish Date:2021-12-11
Client Ver.5925(in US) Client Ver5925(in EU) Fail to run game.exe,download it.
Users' Instruction

Client Installation Guide

This Guide will show you how to install the client you just downloaded.

After you download the client completely, double click to install it and then you can login to Talisman Online. If you do not have an account yet please register an account here: Register

Can’t install?

Talisman Online game program doesn’t contain any virus /Trojan. Some anti-virus software sometimes misjudges it, but please trust Mira Game and the choice of worldwide players.


If you failed in downloading, installing or entering game, please try some of the solutions below:


  • Disable your anti-virus software/firewall temporarily when you download, install or enter game.
  • Add Talisman Online program into the trusting list/Exclusions of your anti-virus software.
    *How to operate? Check details.
  • If you run Win 7, please right click game client and choose "Run as Administrator”.
  • Install the latest game client / reinstall game client.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Re-login game client and repeat to login.
  • Reinstall your operation system.

  • Reset your net connection; change IP address and the last number of the DHCP in your modem setting.
  • Ensure it’s not server maintenance time. Please check news notice for maintenance time.
  • Set “English” as your computer language.
  • If you got error “Startup engine [Graph] failed”, solve it by updating graphic driver, installing the latest version of graphic driver or changing graphic card.
  • Adjust Time setting: open your Date and Time Properties dialogue box in your computer; select the second column"Time Zone"; uncheck "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes".
If you got error "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" or other problems, please click "More" below to check solutions.


If you meet any problems while in downloading
please contact us by SUPPORT


If download / install / login failed problem is caused by antivirus/firewall, please disable antivirus/firewall temporarily, and then download / install/login game. And please add game program into the trusting list / Exclusions.


Below is an example to run TO client in PC installed antivirus Avast / AVGYou can do similar operations if you installed other antivirus.


  • How to disable antivirus / firewall temporarily?

    Disable Avast for a while and then download / install / login game


  • How to add game program into the trusting list / Exclusions?

    Add "game.exe" in Avast's "Exclusions"

    Add "game.exe" in AVG "Allowed List"


  • How to disable antivirus / firewall temporarily?

    Disable Avast for a while and then download / install / login game


If login failure is caused by anti-virus software, such as Avast, please choose "allow Talisman Online to run", "add Talisman Online to white list" or "temporarily stop anti-virus software" items.


  • Right-click Avast icon, choose "avast! Shields control" --> "Disable for 10 minutes".


    If your computer is slow to set up the game, disable Avast longer, for example, "Disable for 1 hour".




  • A hint will pop up to confirm operation, click "Yes" to continue.



  • After disabling Avast, player can install / login game.


  • After entering game, 10 minutes later, Avast will restore its scanning again automatically, however player's state in game won't be affected.

  • After entering game, player can also restore Avast's scanning manually. Double-click Avast icon to open control panel and choose "Restore Scanning".




  • If you don't want to disable all kinds of scanning, you can choose "Scan web (Http) traffic" --> "Stop for 10 minutes". After entering game, enable web traffic san again.





  • How to add game program into the trusting list / Exclusions?

Add "game.exe" in Avast's "Exclusions"


  • Disable Avast for 10 minutes or longer by steps above, and install game client.


  • After your games has installed, you will add the "game.exe" from the game folder to exceptions.


  • To do that go to avast interface, and click on settings at top right.



    Go to exclusions and click "Add".


    Now you are going to add the "game.exe" there. For example, player Ahile installed the game on Hard Drive D in a folder called Laci and subfolder TalismanOnline. So what he goes to do is write:




    If you installed on C in Program Files you're going to write:

    C:/Program Files/TalismanOnline/game.exe    or whatever the game folder name is.



  • Click OK and you are all set. Now you can enable the shields back.



  • Add "game.exe" in AVG "Allowed List"?


Provided by warmhearted player hokage:


  • Open AVG.



  • Click Tools and choose "Advance Settings".


  • Move down the menu list and choose "Allowed List".



  • Click "Add".



  • Find the file you want to add and then click "Add'' again.


  • Done


    If this dose not work, then disable AVG for 5minutes, open the client and then enable AVG again when the client is open.