• Wizard
  • Monk
  • Assassin
  • Fairy
  • Tamer
  • Class Background


    Wizard's founder Master Long-eyebrow, who has been enlightened at the beginning of Song Dynasty, is the ringleader of every low-level immortal both in just and evil juntas. The head Qi Su Ming, who is called Madam Miao Yi, is taught by Master Long-eyebrow, and his ability is too strong to identify. Wizard is the head of just juntas. All prentices in this class are all justicial members.


    Wizard is excellent in using the five-element power to deal with their targets. With the graceful robe, they always attack the enemies in distance. They are able to cause damages to one single target and even cause mass damage to monsters around.



    Hometown: Golden Peak Mountain

    Standard Point: HP / Mana

    Feature: High attacking ability, long-range Distance

    Weakness: Weak anti-attacking ability

    Usage in a Team: Ability of attacking long-distance enemy

    Weapons: Flying Sword, Flying Blade

    Attack Attributes: Water and Fire

    Main attribute: Intelligence

  • Class Background


    The head of the Green Scarp is Master with White Eyebrow, who only accepts male prentice. All the prentices have to do a tonsure before they start to cultivate themselves. Besides, there is another monk called Buddhist Monk Tian Meng, whose position is even higher than Master with White Eyebrow.  But his trace has been lost for a long time.

    Monk can play the roles of both brave warrior and an immortal. He has the ability to protect his partners/teammates with his strong anti-attack ability. Monk is good at close combat. He can attack targets by himself.



    Hometown: Green Scarp

    Standard Point: HP / Stamina / Break, stamina point will recover 10 points in every second, the upper limit is 100 points

    Feature: Strongest ability of anti-attacking

    Weakness: Few skills to deal with long-distance enemy

    Usage in a Team: Damage absorber, melee attacker

    Weapons: Buddhist Shovel and Buddhist Staff

    Attack Attributes: Buddha and Fire

    Main attribute: Strength

  • Class Background


    This class was created by the Heaven Child, Li Jing Xu , who is also called Master Jing Xu. He used to fight against the demons with Master Long-eyebrow and he has been half an immortal. The business is in the charge of Officer Tian Du and Ming He, because Master Jing Xu is wandering outside nearly all the year long. Assassin's fest is famous for being fierce and tough.

    Fierce attack and agility are Assassin's advantages.



    Hometown: Blue Mountain

    Standard Point: HP / Stamina / Combo, stamina point will recover 10 points in every second, the upper limit is 100 points

    Feature: High damage attacker, Strongest ability of anti-attacking

    Weakness: Weak ability of defense, the ability to long sustainable fighting is not enough

    Usage in a Team: Short-distance attacker

    Weapons: Chain Simitar and Dagger

    Attack Attributes: Lightning and Poison

    Main attribute: Dexterity

  • Class Background


    It was created by immortal nun, You Tan, who only accepts female prentices. Although most of the officers in this class are monk prentices, they don't insist that all the prentices should do a tonsure. New prentices can cultivate themselves with hair.

    In most people's minds, Fairy is an angel. She is preparing to cure partners at any time. Without Fairy, a team is not expected to do a lot of contributions. Fairy stands for hope, we need her with us.



    Hometown: Flowers Mountain

    Standard Point: HP / Mana

    Feature: Strong ability of cure

    Weakness: Weak anti-attacking ability

    Usage in a Team: Curer, benefits-adding person

    Weapons: Flying Wheel and Buddha Pearl

    Attack Attributes: Buddha and Lightning

    Main attribute: Intelligence

  • Class Background


    Tamer Gong Ye Huang is good at animals' language. He can talk with every kind of animals. Hundreds of years ago, he overheard the sound from the white parrot and got a Tao book. He was enlightened and created Tamer after decades of cultivation. Tamer improve their own ability by domesticating different kinds of wild animals.

    As the best hunter, Tamer can use bow and crossbow to attack the targets. Besides, Tamer enjoys the reputation of wild survivor. They are able to track the enemy or set the trap to cause damages or catch the enemy. There has been an original relationship between Tame and beasts. Animals can be loyal guards after being tamed by Tamers.



    Hometown: Darkness Valley

    Standard Point: HP / Mana

    Feature: The most excellent solo player

    Weakness: They need increase their ability by their pet

    Usage in a Team: Long-distance attacker, pet can be the secondary damage absorber

    Weapons: Bow and Crossbow

    Attack Attributes: Water and Poison

    Main attribute: Intelligence